Here is an up to date list of my publications and preprints. They can also be found on Google Scholar.


8. Computing Galois groups of Ehrhart polynomials in OSCAR (with C. Fieker and M. Joswig) (2022) [arXiv]
7. Computation of lattice isomorphisms and the integral matrix similarity problem (with W. Bley and H. Johnston) (2022) [arXiv]
6. Finite subgroups of automorphisms of K3 surfaces (with S. Brandhorst) (2021) [arXiv]
5. Generation of local unitary groups (with S. Brandhorst) (2021) [arXiv]
4. Normal CM-fields with class number one (with C. Sircana) (2020) [arXiv]
3. Resultants over principal Artinian rings (with C. Fieker and C. Sircana) (2020) [arXiv]
2. On Gröbner bases over Dedekind domains (2019). [arXiv]
1. On integral forms of Specht modules labelled by Hook partitions (with S. Danz) (2017). [arXiv]


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2. Integrality of representations of finite groups, PhD thesis, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 2016.
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Fieker
1. Koinvariantenalgebren in positiver Charakteristik, Diplomarbeit, Technische Universtität Kaiserslautern, 2011.
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Malle

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